Kelp Talk


  • thingy by thingy

    Won't algae show up similar to kelp in images?
    And if so is there a way to tell them apart?


  • kyleccav by kyleccav scientist

    Algal blooms are typically not dense or bright enough to be confused with kelp canopy. If we do get an abnormally dense bloom we can often tell it apart from kelp based on the shape and location of the bloom. Giant kelp only occurs in water where the depth is ~30m or less.


  • sarascribner by sarascribner

    So the duller green might be algae not kelp. Should we still mark it if unsure?


  • jebyrnes by jebyrnes scientist

    Mark it if you think it is kelp. But feel free to refer us to the image in question if we can be of help.


  • Artman40 by Artman40

    Look at this! Can Floating Forests project be extended to examine this as well?