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Kelp Forest questions


    I'm curious if Kelp is subject to aquatic virus and consequently mutations in genetic makeup. Also are large kelp forests (like off Monterey, Ca south of me) subject to seasonal reduction which natural. If so when are the peak growing seasons? I hope my questions are not too simplistic as this field is new to me. 😃


  • jebyrnes by jebyrnes scientist

    This is a fascinating question! There are folk starting to look into kelp disease in Australia in the species Ecklonia radiata. But kelp disease is a largely untapped and unexplored field! And it's not just viruses (marine viruses and the marine virome is a hot topic of research) that might be out there, but bacterial and fungal infections likely play a role. Worth looking into! FYI, growth tends to accumulate in the spring and summer, and then dieoffs happen in late fall and winter storms.