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Way to low resolution and so on

  • meegja by meegja

    Got the mail for Floatingforest. Tried it for almost 20 minutes and already can say that this is not doable for me: images are way to low resolution to see something, only can roughly mark things cause the images are too small, there is no contrast whatsoever in the images, 95% of what I got was land and/or clouds, and so on. Maybe you have to be a marine enthusiast to participate in this search 😃


  • kyleccav by kyleccav scientist

    Thanks for trying! The lack of contrast is one of the reasons we can't automate this effectively. Landsat is really made to image bright land targets; we are working at the very edge of the detection limits here. Rough markings are totally fine too.


  • nmc.learning by nmc.learning

    If you are having trouble seeing things, I have two suggestions. First, go to your browser settings and go to view and zoom in. Another option is to use the magnifier tool from your Accessibility options. Both will give you the ability to get a closer look.