Kelp Talk

Tiny patches

  • oldhiker by oldhiker

    I've just started this project and I notice that the kelp occurs in small patches clumped together. E.g., there might be 20 small green patches very close together, with a combined length of 1/3 of the whole image's. Outlining each little patch will make this very time consuming. I've been outlining the whole group together. I hope this is OK.


  • jebyrnes by jebyrnes scientist

    That should be fine - there is often kelp in between the really obvious bits. One thing in our long-term plans is to take the outlined areas, and post-process for pixel brightness to get an estimate of 'kelpiness' as Kyle did in his paper about the technique a few years back.


  • wreness by wreness

    "Kelpiness" ...well, it's accurate! 😃