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Cloud questions

  • Shiphrah by Shiphrah

    I've read the article in the blog about classification & it is most helpful. But I still have a question about clouds. I can think of four situations:
    1). no clouds at all -- DON'T click the clouds button
    2). complete cloud cover, can't see surface DO click.
    3). surface partially covered, can't see coastline. DO click.
    4). a few puffy little clouds that really don't obscure my view as in AKP000n7p3 DO? or DON'T?

    What should I do in situation 4?


  • yshish by yshish in response to Shiphrah's comment.

    Hi @Shiprah,

    I don't know what is the correct answer for you question but I do click on the clouds button even in such cases like 4] since it can obscure small faint kelp spots.




    i've found faint kelp beds in a small break in the clouds. Question i have is "why 2 different means for classifying "clouds" (click cloud button then next image) and "landscapes" (only click next image). Landscapes, though really serve no purpose to the project as there's no chance of kelp.


  • kyleccav by kyleccav scientist in response to Shiphrah's comment.

    If you think the clouds have the potential to obscure kelp then click the cloud button. But if there are only a few clouds and you are confident that they won't obscure any kelp (i.e. the clouds are only over land or open ocean and not near the coast), then you don't have to click the cloud button


  • Shiphrah by Shiphrah in response to kyleccav's comment.

    Thank you for this answer, @kyleccav. it clarifies things a lot. I hope this advice can be incorporated into the tutorial, or FAQ, so that others will have better access to it.