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Good image, No kelp

  • wise_heart by wise_heart

    I am new to this project. Do I just select "next" for a good coastal image with no clouds and no kelp? It seems like this needs another category different than bad images and all land images.


  • HMB6EQUJ5 by HMB6EQUJ5 in response to wise heart's comment.

    Hi wise heart, If you just see land next If there is more clouds than land click "Clouds" The Landstat satellite cannot discriminate "land" from "coastal". Hopefully by clicking "Next" and "Clouds" on those images it will eliminate those non essential ones from coastal in data base. Hope that helps.


  • yshish by yshish

    Cloud button is meant for the images with sea and clouds above, when the clouds can obscure some kelp forests. So if you can tell there is no sea under the clouds than you don't have to use the Cloud button at all and just click on the Next.


  • HyperZenGirl by HyperZenGirl

    Where do we make feature requests? Would a "Bad Image" (indicating it needed a re-scan of the area) be of assistance to the researchers?
    Or would this not make a difference, since this images are in a date range and a re-scan isn't really helpful? Even if that is the case, wouldn't it be preferential to know if it is unable to be determined from available sources vs. assuming no kelp was present? Just thoughts. Thanks!